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Park Yeong-hyo

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Park Yung-hyo or Bak Young-hyo (Hangul: 박영효; Hanja: 朴泳孝; 1861 – 21 September 1939) was a politician and independence activist during the Joseon dynasty of Korea. He was one of the organizers of the Gapsin coup in 1884. His nickname was Chungo (춘고;春皐), Hyunhyungeosa (현현거사;玄玄居士). His real name was Muryang (무량;無量). His Japanese name was Yamajaki Eiharu (山崎永春).

Yeong-hyo was the designer of the national flag of Korea (Taegukki; Korean: 태극기;太極旗) in 1882.[1] Park was married to Princess Yeonghye.[2] She was the illegitimate daughter of king Chuljong of Joseon, the 25th king of the Joseon dynasty.

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