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Paul Eisler (1907 - 26 October 1992) was an Austrian inventor. He invented the modern circuit board. He also invented fish fingers (also called fish sticks).

Early life and education[change | change source]

Eisler was born in Vienna, Austria. He was a student at Vienna University of Technology. German nationalists would not let Eisler get a job in Vienna, because he was Jewish. He got a job with an English company (Gramaphone Company, EMI from March 1931). He removed interference from music broadcast on trains. He moved to England but was sent to an internment camp during WWII. Eventually, his circuit boards for the Americans helped defeat German V-1 flying bombs.

Inventions[change | change source]

He invented the modern circuit board. He created a pizza warmer, and the rear window defroster. He also invented fish fingers.