Pavel Chekov

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Pavel Chekov as he appears in Star Trek.

Pavel Andreievich Chekov is a fictional character in the television and movie franchise Star Trek. He is a navigator on the Starship Enterprise.[1][2] Chekov is played by actor Walter Koenig in The Original Series and by Anton Yelchin in the three Kelvin Timeline movies before his death in 2016.

Chekov Early Life[change | change source]

Pavel Chekov was played by Walter Koenig in The Original Series and was an awesome actor for the roll. Chekov was born in 2245 in Pushkino, in the Russian Federation on Earth. When he was 17 he joined Starfleet Academy, hoping one day he would have command of his own starship. He eventually made it through the academy.

Chekov TOS Years[change | change source]

Chekov started as an ensign on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

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