Peace & Prosperity

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Peace & Prosperity
Written byNg Kah Huay
Ang Chee Chuan
Goh Chwee Chwee
StarringXiang Yun
Desmond Tan
Julie Tan
Zhang Wei
Belinda Lee
Tong Bing Yu
Dawn Yeoh
Tracy Lee
Michelle Wong
Terence Cao
Ben Yeo
Jeffrey Xu
Romeo Tan
Shane Pow
Marcus Chin
Lin Meijiao
Yao Wenlong
Ling Xiao
Jayley Woo
Zhu Houren
Priscelia Chan
Seraph Sun
Country of originSingapore
Original language(s)Chinese
No. of episodes20
Executive producer(s)Wong Kuang Yong
Production location(s)Singapore
Running timeapprox. 22-23 minutes (excluding advertisements)
Original networkMediacorp Channel 8
Original release4 April –
28 November 2016
Preceded byLife - Fear Not

Peace & Prosperity (Chinese: 富贵平安) is a Singaporean drama television series. It is produced and shown on Mediacorp Channel 8. It began its run from 4 April 2016. There are 170 episodes. It stars Xiang Yun, Desmond Tan, Julie Tan, Zhang Wei, Belinda Lee, Tong Bing Yu, Dawn Yeoh, Tracy Lee, Michelle Wong, Terence Cao, Ben Yeo, Jeffrey Xu, Romeo Tan, Shane Pow, Marcus Chin, Lin Meijiao, Yao Wenlong, Ling Xiao, Jayley Woo, Zhu Houren, Priscelia Chan and Seraph Sun as the main characters.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11] The story revolves around the lives of the Huang family who have been running a TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) clinic for three generations. The family-run business is searching for its next successor, as the young generation of Huangs are not interested in TCM and have yet to prove themselves capable of running the business.

Cast[change | change source]

  • Xiang Yun as Shen Ping An
  • Desmond Tan as Hong Yingxiong
  • Julie Tan as Huang Zihong
  • Zhang Wei as Huang Datong
  • Belinda Lee as Huang Ziting
  • Tong Bing Yu as Huang Zishan
  • Dawn Yeoh as Huang Zijun
  • Tracy Lee as Huang Ziyu
  • Michelle Wong as Huang Zixin
  • Terence Cao as He Sheng
  • Romeo Tan as Lan Baojie
  • Ben Yeo as Bryan Li
  • Jeffrey Xu as Lu Xiaoqiang
  • Shane Pow as Huang Zihao
  • Marcus Chin as Huang Yuanhao
  • Lin Meijiao as Lin Shuzhi
  • Yao Wenlong as Xiao Tiantian
  • Ling Xiao as Xiao Fangfang
  • Jayley Woo as Megan Yeo
  • Zhu Houren as Ouyang Yixiu
  • Priscelia Chan as Ouyang Fengying
  • Seraph Sun as Xu Cuihua

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