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People's Alliance (Spain)

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People's Alliance
Alianza Popular
LeaderManuel Fraga
Founded9 October 1976 (federation)
5 May 1977 (party)
Dissolved20 January 1989
Succeeded byPeople's Party
HeadquartersCalle Silva, 23 - 28004 Madrid
Youth wingNew Generations of People's Alliance
National conservatism[2]
Political positionRight-wing[3]
International affiliationInternational Democrat Union[5]
European Parliament groupEuropean Democrats[6]
ColorsYellow and Red
Party flag

The People's Alliance (Spanish: Alianza Popular, AP) was a post-Francoist[1][7] electoral coalition, and a conservative political party in Spain, it was founded in 1976 as a federation of political associations.

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