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Peter Michael Mayer (March 28, 1936 – May 11, 2018) was a British-born American publisher. He was born in London. Mayer was president of The Overlook Press/Peter Mayer Publishers, Inc., a Woodstock, New York-based publishing company he founded with his father in 1971.[1] At the time of Overlook’s founding, Mayer was head of Avon Books, a large New York-based paperback publisher.[2] From 1978 to 1996, Mayer was CEO of Penguin Books.[2][3]

Recently, Mayer financially revived both Ardis, a publisher of Russian literature in English, and Duckworth, an independent publishing house in the UK.[1]

Mayer died at the age of 82 in his home in Manhattan, New York, due to complications related to amyloidosis.[4]

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