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Pink petunias.jpg
Petunia x atkinsiana flower
Scientific classification

Petunia is a genus of plants. All of them bear flowers. They are in the Nightshade family, and are related to tobacco. Many people grow them in the garden. Petunias are usually used as annual plants, because they die when the weather becomes cold. They grow best when they are planted in the sun.

Garden petunia is not difficult to grow or maintain and presents no particular challenges provided the soil is kept reasonably dry. Garden petunia is used for its delicate, colorful flower booms, pleasing scent and its flowering duration which lasts from spring until frost. They make excellent bedding and container plants.

                         garden petunia will thrive best in fertile soil with high organic matter content such  manure. If potting, soil needs to be lightweight to allow water to drain away. Dense soil with poor drainage is easy to accumulate water.
                                 Garden petunia can be grown from  transplants is easier. Transplants should be positioned in light, well-drained soil with exposure to full sun shortly . If planting in pots use a soil-less mix to keep cultivation substrate light garden petunia free of disease.
                            Watering of garden petunia once a week should be sufficient in most condition.

If growing garden petunia in containers or baskets, opt for a time-release fertilizer.The most important factor in growing of garden petunia is sunlight. garden petunia needs at least five hours of sunlight per day. Lack of sunlight may also lead to leggy plants and a lack of healthy flowering.