Pip Skid

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Pip Skid
Pip Skid performing at the 2007 Ellice Street Festival in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Background information
Origin Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Genres Canadian hip hop
Labels Peanuts & Corn Records

Pip Skid (born Patrick Skene, AKA Wicked Nut) is a Canadian rapper and writer, and a cornerstone of the successful Vancouver based independent hip hop label Peanuts & Corn.[1] Originally hailing from Brandon, Manitoba, Pip is known in underground hip hop circles for his distinctive gravel-throated vocals, as well as his clever writing, and angry delivery.[2]

As a co-founder of landmark Canadian hip hop group Farm Fresh, as well as a member of other famed crews such as Fermented Reptile, Hip Hop Weiners, Taking Care of Business, and Break Bread,[3] Pip has sold thousands of albums while starring on over a dozen albums since 1994, appearing on many more, and touring all over North America.[4] His current album Skid Row peaked at #4[5] on the Canadian Hip Hop charts on May 1, 2010. This album follows in the footsteps of Funny Farm 2 which hit #3[6] on the hip hop charts and Funny Farm which hit #32[7] on the combined charts. His single Alone Again from the Funny Farm album achieved rotation on the national music network Much Music.[8]

Selected discography[change | change source]

  • Farm Fresh - Space EP (CD, Peanuts & Corn)
  • Farm Fresh - Crazy Fiction (CD, Peanuts & Corn)
  • Farm Fresh - Played Out (CD,
  • Farm Fresh - Time is Running Out (CD, Peanuts & Corn)
  • Pip Skid - Friends4Ever (CD, Peanuts & Corn)
  • Pip Skid - Money Matters (7", Peanuts & Corn)
  • Pip Skid - I'm Mean (CD, Peanuts & Corn)
  • Pip Skid - Funny Farm (CD, Peanuts & Corn)
  • Pip Skid - Funny Farm 2 (12", Peanuts & Corn)
  • Pip Skid - The Pip Donahue Show (2007) (EP, Independent)[9]
  • Taking Care of Business - Taking Care of Business (CD, First Things First)[10]
  • Fermented Reptile - Let's Just Call You "Quits" (CD, Peanuts & Corn)
  • Hip Hop Weiners - All Beef, No Chicken (CD, Peanuts & Corn)
  • Pip Skid - Skid Row (CD, Foultone)[11]

Appears On[change | change source]

References[change | change source]