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Pitbull in 2014
Armando Christian Pérez

(1981-01-15) January 15, 1981 (age 43)
Miami, Florida, U.S.A.
Other names
  • Mr. 305
  • Mr. Worldwide
EducationMiami Coral Park High School
Alma materDoral College (Hon)
  • Rapper
  • singer
  • songwriter
  • businessman
  • actor
Years active2001–present
AwardsFull list
Musical career

Armando Christian Pérez (born January 15, 1981), better known by his stage name Pitbull, is an American rapper, singer and businessman.[4] He was born in Miami, Florida, to parents who are Cuban.[5]

In 2002, he was featured on the album "Kings of Crunk" by Lil Jon[6]. In 2004, he released his first album M.I.A.M.I. under TVT Records. Pitbull later released his second album, El Mariel, in 2006. His third album, The Boatlift, followed in 2007.[7]

His fourth album, Rebelution (2009), included the hit single "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)". It was his first internationally popular song. "I Know You Want Me" peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100.[8]

Pitbull evolution 1994-2024

1994 (age 13)

  • U Don’t Have To (Pitbull) (Prod Dr. Dre) (Genre:Rap)

1995 (age 14)

  • Symphony (Pitbull feat. 2pac) (Prod Dr. Dre) (Genre:Rap)

1996 (age 15)

  • Don’t Cry (Pitbull, 2pac & Nas) (Prod Dr. Dre) (Genre:Rap)
  • Déjala Tener (Daddy Yankee feat. Pitbull) (Prod DJ Playero) (Genre:Reggaeton)

1997 (age 16)

  • In My Head (Pitbull feat. Eminem) (Prod Dr. Dre) (Genre:Rap)

1998 (age 17)

  • With You (Pitbull feat. Snoop Dogg) (Prod Dr. Dre) (Genre:Rap)

1999 (age 18)

  • What Do You Mean (Pitbull) (Prod Dr. Dre) (Genre:Rap) (2000)
  • Out Of My Mind (Pitbull feat. Eminem, Snoop Dogg) (Prod Dr. Dre) (Genre:Rap) (2000)
  • Level 1 (Pitbull feat. 50 Cent) (Prod Dr. Dre) (Genre:Rap) (2000)
  • Downtown (Pitbull) (Prod Dr. Dre) (Genre:Rap) (2000)

2000 (age 19)

  • Give Up (Pitbull feat. Snoop Dogg) (Prod Dr. Dre) (Genre:Rap)
  • Jamaica (Sean Paul, Pitbull & 50 Cent) (Prod Dr. Dre, Jeremy Harding) (Genre:Reggae)
  • Make It (Pitbull feat. USHER) (Prod Dr. Dre) (Genre:Hip-Hop)
  • Zombie Santa (Pitbull feat. Eminem) (Prod Dr. Dre) (Genre:Holiday Rap)

2001 (age 20)

  • The Real Slim Shady RMX (Eminem feat. Pitbull, Dr. Dre & 50 Cent) (Prod Dr. Dre, Mel-Man) (Genre:Rap)

2002 (age 21)

  • Make It Right (Pitbull) (Prod Dr. Dre, Lil Jon) (Genre:Rap)
  • Ghosts (Pitbull feat. USHER, Alicia Keys & Lil Jon) (Prod Lil Jon, Dr. Dre, Alicia Keys) (Genre:Ballad)
  • Armando (Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony) (Prod Sergio George, Lil Jon) (Genre:Salsa, Rap)

2003 (age 22)

  • Demons (Pitbull) (Prod Lil Jon) (Genre:Rap)
  • Fools (Ludacris feat. Pitbull & Lil Jon) (Prod Dr. Dre, Lil Jon) (Genre:Rap) (2 Fast 2 Furious: Soundtrack)

2004 (age 23)

  • Take You (Pitbull feat. Lil Jon) (Prod Lil Jon) (Genre:Rap)

2005 (age 24)

  • Rah Rah All Star RMX (Elephant Man, Pitbull & Daddy Yankee feat. Sean Paul, Lil Jon) (Prod Bobby Konders, Lil Jon) (Genre:Reggae)
  • Get Rich (Pitbull feat. Elephant Man) (Prod Lil Jon) (Genre:Reggae)

2006 (age 25)

  • Blood (Pitbull) (Prod Lil Jon) (Genre:Rap)

2007 (age 26)

  • In Da Valley (Pitbull feat. Nate Dogg) (Prod Lil Jon, will.i.am) (Genre:Rap)
  • Good Feelings (Pitbull feat. T-Pain, Ludacris) (Prod Lil Jon, AfroJack) (Genre:Hip-Hop)

2008 (age 27)

  • Apologize RMX (OneRepublic feat. Pitbull, Pharrell Williams) (Prod Ryan Tedder, Greg Wells, Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, Lil Jon) (Genre:Pop Rock, Rap)
  • Again (Pitbull feat. Nelly Furtado) (Prod Lil Jon) (Genre:Rap)

2009 (age 28)

  • Die (Pitbull & Ludacris) (Prod Lil Jon, AfroJack) (Genre:Rap)
  • Level 2 (Pitbull & Ludacris feat. 50 Cent) (Prod Lil Jon) (Genre:Rap)
  • Bad (Pitbull & Ludacris) (Prod Lil Jon, RedOne) (Genre:Rap)
  • Pretty Girl (Pitbull & Ludacris) (Prod Dr. Dre) (Genre:Rap)
  • Street Dance (Pitbull & Ludacris) (Prod Lil Jon, AfroJack, RedOne, Dr. Dre) (Genre:Dance-Pop, Rap)

2010 (age 29)

  • Tell Me (Pitbull feat. Lil Jon, Marc Anthony) (Prod Sergio George, Lil Jon, AfroJack) (Genre:Salsa, Rap)
  • Over Me (Pitbull feat. Redfoo & Skyblu) (Prod Redfoo, RedOne, Lil Jon) (Genre:Dance-Pop)

2011 (age 30)

  • Not Scared (Pitbull & T-Pain) (Prod RedOne, AfroJack) (Genre:Dance-Pop, Rap)
  • Despair (Pitbull, Ludacris & Chris Brown) (Prod RedOne, AfroJack) (Genre:Electro Rap, Hip House)
  • All Of Me (Pitbull, AfroJack, USHER & Sean Paul) (Prod AfroJack, David Guetta & RedOne) (Genre:Hip House)
  • Party Rock Anthem RMX (Redfoo & Skyblu feat. Pitbull, GoonRock, Ne-YO, Justin Bieber) (Prod Redfoo, GoonRock, RedOne, AfroJack) (Genre:Party Rock)

2012 (age 31)

  • Live For Me (Pitbull & Enrique Iglesias) (Prod RedOne, AfroJack) (Genre:Electro Pop, Rap)
  • Don’t Leave Me (Pitbull, Ludacris & Skrillex) (Prod RedOne, AfroJack, Skrillex) (Genre:Dubstep, Rap)
  • Dodge Dart (Pitbull, Sean Paul & Enrique Iglesias) (Prod RedOne) (Genre:Dance-Pop, Rap)

2013 (age 32)

  • Update (Pitbull, T-Pain, Chris Brown, Wisin & Yandel) (Prod RedOne, AfroJack, Tainy) (Genre:Dance-Pop, Latin Pop)
  • Crashes (Pitbull & Ludacris) (Prod RedOne) (Genre:Electro Rap) (Fast and Furious 6: Soundtrack)
  • Taste (Pitbull, Chris Brown & Yandel) (Prod RedOne, AfroJack, Chris Jedi) (Genre:Dance-Pop, Rap)

2014 (age 33)

  • Donde Voy (Pitbull & Ivy Queen) (Prod Luny Tunes, Tainy) (Genre:Reggaeton) (Planeta Hoyo)
  • Dame Todo (Pitbull, De La Ghetto, AfroJack & Ivy Queen) (Prod Luny Tunes, AfroJack, Tainy) (Genre:Dance-Pop, Rap) (Planeta Hoyo)
  • Algo Para Los DJs (Pitbull) (Prod Tainy, AfroJack) (Genre:Electro Rap) (Planeta Hoyo)
  • Llevo Mi Vida (Pitbull, Wisin & Daddy Yankee) (Prod Luny Tunes, Tainy, Los Legendarios) (Genre:Dance-Pop, Rap) (Planeta Hoyo)

2015 (age 34)

  • Amor Internacional (Pitbull & Yandel) (Prod Luny Tunes, Sharo Towers) (Genre:Dance-Pop, Rap) (Planeta Hoyo)
  • The Bus (Steve Aoki & Pitbull) (Prod Steve Aoki, AfroJack, RedOne) (Genre:Electro Rap)
  • Lava (Martin Garrix & Skrillex feat. Pitbull, Ludacris) (Prod Martin Garrix, Skrillex) (Genre:Electro Rap)

2016 (age 35)

  • Back To You (Pitbull & Rascal Flatts) (Prod IAmChino) (Genre:Country) (Science)
  • Hail Storms (Pitbull, Chris Brown, Ludacris & Flo Rida) (Prod IAmChino, RedOne) (Genre:Dance-Pop, Rap) (Science)
  • Rain (Pitbull, Juicy J & Khalid) (Prod IAmChino, Juicy J) (Genre:Hip-Hop) (Science)
  • Genetic Variation (Pitbull & Jason Derulo) (Prod IAmChino) (Genre:R&B) (Science)

2017 (age 36)

  • Silence RMX (Marshmello, Khalid, Pitbull, Juice WRLD & T-Pain) (Prod Marshemello, IAmChino, RedOne) (Genre:Dance-Pop, Hip House)

2018 (age 37)

  • Turn It Off (Pitbull & Flo Rida) (Prod IAmChino, Lil Jon) (Genre:Rap)
  • Take (Pitbull & Ed Sheeran) (Prod IAmChino, Lil Jon) (Genre:R&B)
  • Never Mind (Pitbull, Eminem, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg) (Prod IAmChino, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Lil Jon) (Genre:Rap)
  • Santa Claus Is Dead (Pitbull, Juice WRLD & The Chainsmokers) (Prod The Chainsmokers, IAmChino, Lil Jon) (Genre:Hip House, Holiday Rap) (North Pole)
  • Last Christmas (Pitbull & A$AP Rocky) (Prod Lil Jon) (Genre:Holiday Rap) (North Pole)
  • Rock-in Around The Christmas Tree (Pitbull, Chris Brown & Wisin & Yandel) (Prod IAmChino, Lil Jon, Gaby Music) (Genre:Holiday Rap, R&B) (North Pole)
  • Jesus Christ (Pitbull & OneRepublic) (Prod Lil Jon) (Genre:Pop Rock, Holiday Rap) (North Pole)
  • Mrs. Claus (Pitbull, Deorro, IAmChino & Wisin) (Prod Deorro, IAmChino, Lil Jon) (Genre:Holiday Rap) (North Pole)

2019 (age 38)

  • Liberty (Pitbull & Afro Bros) (Prod Lil Jon, Afro Bros) (Genre:Rap)
  • Bill Of Rights (Pitbull, Jaden Smith, Nicky Jam) (Prod Lil Jon) (Genre:Rap) (USA History)
  • World War 1 (Pitbull, Will Smith & Marc Anthony) (Prod Lil Jon) (Genre:Rap, Pop) (USA History)
  • The Cold War (Pitbull, T-Pain, Flo Rida, Sean Paul, Chris Brown) (Prod Lil Jon, RedOne) (Genre:Dance-Pop, Rap) (USA History)

2020 (age 39)

  • New Year Starts (Pitbull) (Prod Lil Jon) (Genre:Rap)
  • Sunshine (Pitbull & David Guetta) (Prod Lil Jon, David Guetta) (Genre:Electro Rap)
  • Always Yours (Kygo & Diplo feat. Pitbull, Justin Bieber) (Prod Lil Jon, Kygo, Diplo) (Genre:Pop Rap)
  • World War 2 (Pitbull, Flow La Movie, Nio Garcia, Nicky Jam) (Prod IAmChino, Flow La Movie, Tainy) (Genre:Reggaeton) (USA History)
  • The Civil War (Pitbull & Skrillex feat. Flo Rida, Chris Brown, Wisin) (Prod IAmChino, Skrillex) (Genre:Rap) (USA History)
  • The 9/11 Attack (Pitbull & Martin Garrix feat. Yandel) (Prod IAmChino, Martin Garrix) (Genre:Hip House, Electro Rap) (USA History)
  • Christmas Eve (Pitbull & Matisse & Sadko) (Prod IAmChino, Matisse & Sadko) (Genre:Holiday Rap, House)

2021 (age 40)

  • Red Alert (Pitbull feat. Flo Rida, Chris Brown, T-Pain, 50 Cent, Eminem, Juice WRLD, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Yandel, Sean Paul, Ludacris, Wisin, Nicky Jam, Jaden Smith, Will Smith) (Prod Skrillex, IAmChino, Dr. Dre, Martin Garrix, Flow La Movie) (Genre:Rap)

2022 (age 41)

  • Blind (Diplo feat. Pitbull) (Prod Diplo) (Genre:Electro Rap)
  • The Korean War (Pitbull & T-Pain) (Prod IAmChino) (Genre: Hip-Hop) (USA History)
  • The Later Amendments (Pitbull & David Guetta) (Prod IAmChino, David Guetta) (Genre: Electro Rap) (USA History)


  • Want U 3 (The Chainsmokers feat. Pitbull, Lil Jon, Play-N-Skillz) (Prod The Chainsmokers, Play-N-Skillz) (Genre: Electro Rap)
  • There X4 (Pitbull) (Prod IAmChino) (Genre: Rap)
  • Moving With U (Skrillex & IAmChino feat. Pitbull, Chris Brown, Jaden Smith) (Prod Skrillex, IAmChino) (Genre: Dance-Pop)


  • Adiós Mundo (Retiring) (Pitbull) (Prod IAmChino, Lil Jon) (Genre: Rap)

Product Endorsement[change | change source]

In 2012, Pitbull was in an advertising campaign with Walmart. The advertising campaign would have Pitbull visit, and put on a show, in the location of the Walmart store that received the most Facebook "likes" from June 18 to July 15, 2012, . An online campaign entitled "#exilepitbull" started by journalist David Thorpe of The Boston Phoenix, [9] and Jon Hendren, writer for the comedy website SomethingAwful.com. The campaign urged people to vote for a remote location, this location being Kodiak, Alaska.[10] In an email to the Associated Press, Walmart confirmed that Kodiak was the winning location.[11] Walmart did not go ahead with the visit, regardless Pitbull decided to visit Kodiak and thier Walmart on July 30. He did a performance for the city, and received a key to the city from Mayor Patricia Branson. David Thorpe, who had started the "#exilepitbull" campaign, was invited to attend, and showed up.[12][13][14]

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