Plaisir d'amour

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Plaisir d'amour is a well-known French love song. The text is from the novella Céléstine by Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian, published in 1784.[1] Jean-Paul-Égide Martini composed the melody, and published it in 1785.[2] In 1859, Hector Berlioz wrote a short piece for small orchestra, based on the melody.

It has been interpreted by many famous singers: Fritz Wunderlich (1965), Yvonne Printemps (1931), Tino Rossi (1955), Joan Baez (1961), Judith Durham of the Seekers (1963), Marianne Faithfull (1965), Nana Mouskouri (1971), Brigitte Bardot, Barbara Hendricks, Andrea Bocelli, Mireille Mathieu, Peter Alexander, Ivan Rebroff and Eddy Mitchell are among them. The King’s Singers, one of the best English a capella choirs also have a version.

Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley, with a well-known version by UB40, has the same melody.[3]

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