Playful Kiss

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Mischievous Kiss (also known as Playful Kiss / It Started with a Kiss) is a Korean television series based on the popular anime/manga called Itazurana Kiss. It has 14 episodes with more than 8 subtitles.

It is about a clumsy student named Oh Ha Ni. She is a senior student from Section F who has a very low IQ. Oh Ha Ni fell in love with the perfectionist Baek Seuk Jo. Baek has an IQ of 200 and is from section A. When Oh Ha Ni decided to Baek Seung Jo she loved him, he rejected her in front of the entire school. This embarrassed her. When Oh Ha Ni’s house is destroyed, they moved to her father’s long-time friend who turns out to be Baek Seung Jo’s dad. Now that they lived in the same house.

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