Pluto (mythology)

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Group of ancient roman statues of Persephone (as Isis), Cerberus, and Pluto (as Serapis), from Gortys (Archaeological Museum of Heraklion).

Pluto is the god of the Underworld in Roman mythology.

In Greece, there was a god who was just like Pluto called Hades. He had a three headed dog named Cerberus who guarded his kingdom. Pluto was also the god of wealth because diamonds and other jewels come from underground.

A myth about Pluto is that he took Proserpine, who was the daughter of Ceres, to the underworld to be his wife. Ceres cried and did not let plants grow on the Earth. People needed the plants so much that the god Jupiter made Pluto give her up. The deal they worked out was that for six months, Pluto got Proserpina. While Proserpina was in the underworld, no plants could grow on Earth and it was winter. When Proserpina could go back to her mother, it was summer. This was how the Greeks explained the seasons.

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