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A podcast being played through a podcast app on an iPhone
The Serial podcast being played through the Pocket Casts app on an iPhone

Podcasting is a way to share information as digital audio files. People often subscribe, download, and share podcasts using a computer and listen to them on an MP3 player.[1]

Many podcasts are similar to broadcast radio news or discussion programs. Some use other formats such as a continuing story, comedy show, lecture, or audiobook.

Different types[change | change source]

Podcasts can be found for almost anything. Radio shows, do it yourself projects, special interest groups, religious sermons, comedy sketches, cartoons, and just about anything else can be found. Once a podcast is found, it can be subscribed to like a magazine or newspaper and then downloaded. Once it is downloaded, it can be stored on an MP3 player to be listened to.

Podcasting has become so popular that many people who write for magazines or report news on television have also been putting out their own podcasts. Anyone can start a podcast and share their knowledge with the world with the help of different platforms that are currently available online.

References[change | change source]

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