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Pororo the Little Penguin is a South Korean 3D computer animation series planned by Iconix Entertainment and produced by Ocon, SK Broadband, and EBS. Each season has 52 episodes and three seasons have been aired in South Korea until now. In 2003, Season 1 was aired in 27 November 2003 in Korean channel, EBS. In the beginning, 22 episodes of season 1 were made by North Korean company, Samcholli. About 110 countries imported Pororo and aired it. Pororo is so loved by children in Korea and he is perceived as an idol of children, so he is called Bbo-tong-ryung(뽀통령 in Korean)which means president Pororo.

Story[change | change source]

Pororo and little animal friends live together in the town covered all over with snow and ice. Pororo, a little curious penguin, and his friends are all different, so great and small commotions occur in this little town. Then one day, when Pororo and his friends hang out as usual, they find novelty egg under a tree in the woods. Pororo takes that egg to his house. Surprisingly, the egg hatches out and the little dinosaur is born, whose name is Crong. Crong becomes new friends of Pororo. Pororo and his friends learn lessons and form a friendship through adventures and events.

Characters[change | change source]

Pororo - The main character of this animation. He is little blue penguin. He always acts on impulse, because he is very curious. He is obsessed about unusual stuff. He enjoys adventures and challenges.

Crong - A little dinosaur who is found in the snow. He is a troublemaker. He wants to know many things and do many things.

Eddy - A little fox who wants to be a scientist. He invents many things that cause problems. He shows off himself and his inventions.

Rody - A robot who is strong. He has arms and legs stretch. Eddy made Rody, imitating himself.

Poby - A big polar bear. He is so kind that he is always there to help his friends when they are in trouble.

Tongtong - A little dragon who has magical powers. He can fly and transform himself. He appears in the animation from season 3.

Loopy - A little beaver. She is a crybaby who is very timid. However, she is nice to her friends and takes care of them.

Petty - A little female penguin. She is good at sports although bad at cooking.

Harry - A little bird who is pleasant. Even though he is tone-deaf, he enjoys singing. He always brightens up the atmosphere.

Popo and Pipi - Funny aliens. Popo is timid and feminine and Pipi is eager and outgoing.