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Porto-Vecchio (Corsican: Porti Vechju) is a town and commune of the Corse-du-Sud department, on the island of Corsica, in France.Porto-Vecchio is the third largest town in Corsica after Bastia and Ajaccio.Porto-Vecchio is also a tourism city, tourists come from many countries around the world, in particular from Italy, Germany or the Netherlands. Porto-Vecchio has 10,000 inhabitants, 40,000 in the summer.

History and Politics[change | change source]

The town of Porto-Vecchio is also called the city of salt, because this one was built on salt-water marshes which were drained in order to develop itself.

Food[change | change source]

Corsican gastronomy is rich and varied. Many of food are seasonal like clementines or citrus. Corsica is the only region of France producing this variety of oranges, around 25,000 tonnes per year and 40% of this production comes from Porto-Vecchio or its area. This fruit is very famous for its freshness and the vitamins which it brings. Another fruit very significant in Corsica and in particular in Porto-Vecchio is the chestnut because they are used in many Corsican dishes, for example, it is used to make bread or crepe. A typically Corsican dish is the pig that is cooked in a lot of version, and that has famous part really good, like: coppa, lonzu or prizuttu, which one is similar to a parma ham but the most famous is figatelli, which is smoked. The most typical cheese is called brocciu.

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