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Pot Noodle is a type of cup noodle sold in the United Kingdom. They contain noodles, soya pieces, vegetables, and seasoning powder with a packet of sauce that can be added to taste.

Available products[change | change source]

At the moment you can get these varieties of Pot Noodle:

  • Pot Noodle
    • Beef and Tomato
    • Bombay Bad Boy
    • Chicken and Mushroom
    • Chow Mein
    • Hot Chicken Curry
    • Seedy Sanchez (Mexican fajita flavour)
    • Southern Fried Chicken
    • Spicy Curry
    • Sweet and Sour
    • Sweet 'n' Spicy - formally "Nice 'n' Spicy"
    • The Sizzler (bacon flavour)