Province of Palencia

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Flag of Palencia
Coat of arms of Palencia
Map of Spain with Palencia highlighted
Map of Spain with Palencia highlighted
Coordinates: 42°25′N 4°30′W / 42.417°N 4.500°W / 42.417; -4.500Coordinates: 42°25′N 4°30′W / 42.417°N 4.500°W / 42.417; -4.500
Autonomous community Castile and León
 • Total8,052 km2 (3,109 sq mi)
Area rankRanked 29
 1.6% of Spain
 • Total161,821
 • RankRanked 46th
 • Density20/km2 (52/sq mi)
Official language(s)Spanish
ParliamentCortes Generales
WebsiteDiputación de Palencia (in Spanish)

Palencia is a province of northern Spain. It is bordered by the provinces of León, Cantabria, Burgos, and Valladolid.

Of the population of 176,125 (2002), 45% live in the capital, Palencia which is located on the Canal de Castilla. There are 191 municipalities in the province.[2]

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