Puissance spirituelle du verbe

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The Puissance spirituelle du verbe (PSV), in english: Spiritual Power of the Verb, is a spiritual organization for Africa and for the awakening of the black man in general. Bavua Ntinu (1939-2013) started it in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on February 23, 1980. Today it can be found in four African countries

It is an initiatory order which advocates the spiritual purification of all that exists by cleaning the bodies at the same time spiritual, astral and physical, by the use of sound and divine light, with techniques and codes which allow to come into contact with any entity existing ; but, according to its initiator, the absence of spiritual masters and true prophets in the black race has been lacking for years, which explains the delay experienced by blacks and especially their ignorance of the size of the universe, according to him[1][2][3][4][5].

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