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"I'm Q*bert, and I've got all the right moves, I've got the legs too, first arcade game, now my own home video game, I'm ready for anything, Staying away from creeps like I'm gonna coyly takes a quick line, and lots of fancy footwork, longer I hop around, more they're out to get me, Ah eg, (Q*bertese sound) when they said fame would go to my head, hey weren't kidding, It's not easy being Q*bert, but it's fun."

— Q*bert

Q*bert (also known as Qbert) is an arcade video game released by Gottlieb in 1982.[1] In this game, the player has to change the color of the cubes on a pyramid by having the game's character jump on top of them.[2] On each stage, the player has a color they have to change the cubes to. To complete the stage, the player has to change the cubes to that color. The player has to avoid obstacles and enemies in the way.

Q*bert was one the most popular arcade games of the 1980s. It sold around 25,000 arcade cabinets. It has been released on many video game consoles, including the Atari 2600, ColecoVision, and Commodore 64.

In July 7, 2014 - Q*bert Rebooted brand new video game (July 8, 2014), the Q*bert characters including Q*bert, Q*pixel*, Zom*bert*, Jack*Q*lantern*, Franken*bert's Monster*, Q*tankhamen*, Dra*Q*la*, Q*zard, Q*bertha, Q*bot, Q*zilla, Q*tee, Q*knight, Q*nicorn, Q*1000*, Coily, Wrong-Way, Ugg, Slick, Sam, Uppercut and Treasure Chest.

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