Queen Elizabeth School

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Queen Elizabeth School (QES) is a famous co-educational secondary school in Hong Kong. It is in Sai Yee Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong. It is 55 years old. There are over 1200 students and 50 teachers. Every year, thousands of primary school students apply for a place to study there. On average, about 1000 interviewees fight for one place. Queen Elizabeth School is also an EMI school, which means that all subjects are taught in English except Chinese language and Chinese history. There are many student organizations, such as Form association (FA), Prefect, Big Brother and Sister Scheme (BBSS) and Camp Warden Association. Clubs are available for all students.

Prefect[change | change source]

It is a team of students to maintain the order of school. Each year, some outstanding students are selected by teachers and after

Clubs[change | change source]

QES has a board kinds of clubs. They are mainly divided into three columns, the subject-based, interest & personal development and services. Apart from this, QES also has some special societies, such as the English/Chinese society and the Camp Warden society. Senior-form students can take up the posts of chairman by voting through the club members. The chairmen can invite other members to form a committee.