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Queen of Hearts (2019 movie)

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Queen of Hearts is a 2019 Danish drama movie. It was selected as the Danish entry for the Best International Feature Film in the 92nd Academy Awards. However, it was not nominated.[1] The movie won a 2019 Nordic Council Film Prize.[2]

Anne is the lawyer working on the prosecution of a rape case. She is married to a physician named Peter. They have two daughters, Frida and Fanny. Peter has a teenage son named Gustav from a different marriage. Gustav lives in Sweden with his mother Rebecca.

One day, Anne returns home and finds there was a burglary. The crime is reported to the police. After, she finds an item in Gustav's laundry. It was in her bag. The item had been stolen during the burglary. Anne realizes Gustav was responsible for the robbery. She angrily meets Gustav with the evidence. Anne, though, promises to keep the matter a secret if Gustav does his part in the household. One night, Gustav brings his girlfriend Amanda home. Anne hears the couple having sex. She is aroused.

MPAA rating

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Queen of Hearts is rated NC-17 because of some sexual content by Motion Picture Association of America.[3]


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Under Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has a 97% approval rating.[4] Guy Lodge of the Variety magazine

The movie won nine Robert Awards. Those included the Best Danish Film. It won four Bodil Awards for the same thing.


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