Rachid Taha

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Taha in 2011

Rachid Taha (Arabic: رشيد طه‎) (18 September 1958 – 12 September 2018) was an Algerian singer-songwriter and activist. His career was based in Paris. He was described as "sonically adventurous". His music was inspired by many different styles such as rock, electronic, punk and raï.[1] raï,[2]

Taha was born in Sig (Mascara Province), Algeria.[3] He was known for his songs "Voilà, Voilà", "Ya Rayah", and "It's Now or Never". Taha was also a known political activist and critic of the George W. Bush and Donald Trump administrations for their nuclear weapons stance.[4]

Taha suffered a heart attack in his sleep on 12 September 2018 in Paris, aged 59.[5]

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