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Northern red-legged frog (Rana aurora)
Scientific classification

Linnaeus, 1758

Rana (subgenus)



Rana is a genus of frogs. There are over 90 species of these frogs. These include the pond frogs such as the common frog which lives in Europe. The brown frog, leopard frog, and the American bullfrog are also included. Members of Rana can be found in Eurasia, North American, Africa, Central America, and the northern parts of South America.

Species of Rana are very large in length. They have slim waists and wrinkled skin. Most of Rana frogs do not have warts like many toads. Rana frogs are great jumpers because of their long slender legs. All of the Rana frogs, including most frogs, have webbed feet. This allows them to swim in water. Rana frogs are mostly green and have brown on the top. They have darker and yellowish spots on their bodies.

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