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Reno (river)

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Raggn, Ränn  (Emilian)
The river near Sasso Marconi, at the beginning of its course in the Pianura Padana
Location of the Reno River in Italy
EtymologyCeltic *Rēnos, "raging flow"
Physical characteristics
 - locationTuscan Apennines, Italy
 - locationAdriatic Sea
Length211.8 km (131.6 mi)
Basin size5,040 km2 (1,950 sq mi)
 - average95 m3/s (3,400 cu ft/s)

The Reno (Latin: Rhenus) is a river of northeastern Italy that starts in the Northern Apennines mountain range in Tuscany but flows mainly through the Emilia-Romagna region. It is one of the longest river in Italy.

Geography[change | change source]

The Reno river has a length of 211 km (131 mi), and a drainage basin with an area of approximately 4,628 km2 (1,787 sq mi).[1]

Course[change | change source]

The Reno river starts in the Apennines to the northwest of the city of Pistoia, Pistoia province (Tuscany). The Reno is formed by the confluence, at about 745 m (2,444 ft) above sea level, of two streams: Reno di Prunetta (with its source at an altitude of 1,020 metres [3,350 ft]) and the Reno di Campolungo.

Its upper course, going to the west, marks the border between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. In this part, there are several artificial reservoirs whose dams are used for hydro-electric energy production.

In Sant'Agostino, the river turns to the southwest and passes west of Bologna, at Casalecchio di Reno. In its lower course the Reno receives the water of numerous streams, some of which are seasonal (they have water only when it rains)

The Reno was a tributary of the Po until the middle of the 18th century when the course was changed to avoid the frequent floods.[2] It now joins the Adriatic Sea near Casalborsetti, south-east of the Valli di Comacchio, a lagoon in the commune of Comacchio.

The Reno flows through many municipalities; some of them in the lower course, in the Emilia-Romagna region, are:

Main tributaries[change | change source]

The main tributaries of the Reno river are:

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