Reuss (river)

Coordinates: 47°29′27″N 8°13′55″E / 47.4909°N 8.23193°E / 47.4909; 8.23193
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The Reuss at Lucerne
CantonsUri, Lucerne, Aargau
SettlementsAndermatt (UR), Göschenen (UR), Altdorf (UR), Lucerne (LU), Bremgarten (AG)
Physical characteristics
 - locationFurkareuss, above Furka Pass, Uri
 - coordinates46°33′48″N 8°25′57″E / 46.56341°N 8.43259°E / 46.56341; 8.43259
 - elevation2,640 m (8,660 ft)
 - locationAare at Windisch/Gebenstorf, Aargau
 - coordinates47°29′27″N 8°13′55″E / 47.4909°N 8.23193°E / 47.4909; 8.23193
 - elevation229 m (751 ft)
Length164.4 km (102.2 mi)
Basin size3,426 km2 (1,323 sq mi)[1]
 - locationMellingen
 - average140.4 m3/s (4,960 cu ft/s) (MQ 1935-2013)
 - minimum93 m3/s (3,300 cu ft/s) (MNQ 1935-2013),
28.6 m3/s (1,010 cu ft/s) (NNQ, 2006)
 - maximum179 m3/s (6,300 cu ft/s) (MHQ 1935-2013),
854 m3/s (30,200 cu ft/s) (HHQ, 2005)
Basin features
ProgressionAareRhineNorth Sea
 - leftGöschener Reuss, Meienreuss, Engelberger Aa (Lake Lucerne), Sarner Aa (Lake Lucerne), Kleine Emme
 - rightGotthardreuss, Unteralpreuss, Chärstelenbach, Schächen, Muota (Lake Lucerne), Lorze, Jonenbach
WaterbodiesLake Lucerne, Flachsee

The Reuss is a river in Switzerland. The length is 164 kilometres (102 mi). The drainage basin is 3,426 square kilometres (1,323 sq mi). It is the fourth largest river in Switzerland (after the Rhine, Aare and Rhône).[source?]

The upper Reuss forms the main valley of the canton of Uri. The course of the lower Reuss runs from Lake Lucerne to where it connects with the Aare at Brugg.[source?]

References[change | change source]

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