Rin Tin Tin

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Rin Tin Tin in 1929

Rin Tin Tin (September 1918 – August 10, 1932) was a German Shepherd dog actor. He acted in movies from 1922 until 1931.

He was owned and trained by Lee Duncan. Duncan rescued him from a kennel in a French battlefield during World War I.[1] His first movie appearance was as a replacement for a wolf in the 1922 silent Western The Man from Hell's River.[2] During his career as an actor, he appeared in 27 movies. On August 10, 1932, Rin Tin Tin died at Duncan's home in Los Angeles. When he died, it was big news with television programs being interrupted to report on it.[3] Duncan had his body flown back to France and buried him at the Cimetière des Chiens et Autres Animaux Domestiques in Asnières-sur-Seine.[3]

Rin Tin Tin and his mate Nanette II had 48 puppies and many of them would go on to also act under the Rin Tin Tin name.[4]

On February 8, 1960, Rin Tin Tin was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.[5] The American Academy of Arts and Sciences honored him in the documentary Hollywood Dogs: From Rin Tin Tin to Uggie.[6]

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