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Bakker in September 2008

Bob Bakker (Robert Hethan Bakker, March 24, 1945) was born in Bergen County, New Jersey.[1] He is an American paleontologist and writer, who developed modern ideas about dinosaurs. Bakker studied at Yale University and Harvard University.

Bakker accepted his mentor John Ostrom's idea that dinosaurs were warm-blooded (endothermic).[2] With this as a starting-point, Bakker publicised the "dinosaur renaissance" in paleontological studies.[3] His special field is the ecological context and behavior of dinosaurs.

Bakker has been a major proponent of the theory that dinosaurs were warm-blooded, smart, fast, and adaptable. His main work, The Dinosaur Heresies, was published in 1986.[4] He revealed the first evidence of parental care at nesting sites for Allosaurus. Bakker was among the advisors for the film Jurassic Park and for the 1992 PBS series, The Dinosaurs.

His later book, Raptor Red, has not been filmed.[5]

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