Ron DeSantis 2022 gubernatorial campaign

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Ron DeSantis for Governor
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Campaign2022 Florida gubernatorial election
CandidateRon DeSantis
Jeanette Nuñez
AffiliationRepublican Party
StatusOfficial nominee: August 2022

Won election: November 8, 2022

Inauguration: January 3, 2023
AnnouncedNovember 8, 2021
LaunchedNovember 8, 2021
HeadquartersTampa, Florida, U.S.
SloganKeep Florida Free

The 2022 gubernatorial campaign of Ron DeSantis was a successful reelection campaign of Ron DeSantis, the 46th governor of Florida, had officially announced and launched his reelection campaign as governor to a second term In November 2021.[1]

Background[change | change source]

Ron DeSantis officially announced in November 2021, that he was running for reelection to a second term as governor with incumbent lieutenant governor Jeanette Nuñez as his running mate.[2]

In August 2022, DeSantis officially won the republican primary unopposed.[3]

During his 2022 campaign, He used his campaign slogan “Keep Florida Free”. The meaning was convince his supporters to stop his political rivals, such as members of the Democratic Party, from mandating Covid-19 vaccines, mask requirements, or Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in Florida.

Election results[change | change source]

On November 8, 2022, he defeated former Florida governor and Democratic candidate Charlie Crist to a second term. DeSantis also won the election in a landslide by a wide margin.[4][5][6]

Inauguration[change | change source]

DeSantis was sworn in to a second term as governor on January 3, 2023.

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