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Rotor (rotating part) may mean:

In engineering:

  • Helicopter rotor, the rotary wing(s) of a rotorcraft such as a helicopter
  • Rotor (electric), the non-stationary part of an alternator or electric motor, operating with a stationary element called the stator.
  • ROTOR, a former radar project in the UK following the Second World War
  • Rotor (turbine), the rotor of a turbine powered by fluid pressure
  • Rotor (brake), the disc of a disc brake, in U.S. terminology
  • Rotor (distributor), a component of the ignition system of an internal combustion engine
  • Rotor (engine), the rotary piston in a rotary combustion engine
  • Rotor (antenna), an electric motor that rotates an antenna to the direction of transmission or reception
  • Rotor (magazine), a US magazine covering the civil helicopter industry

In computing:

  • Rotor machine, the rotating wheels used in certain cipher machines, such as the German Enigma machine
  • Rotor (software project), the former code name for Microsoft's shared source implementation of its Common Language Infrastructure

In music:

  • Rotor (band), a German progressive stoner rock band
  • Rotor Plus (sometimes known as Rotor), an experimental electronica band from New Zealand

In other fields: