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This Rottweiler's tail is natural; many Rottweilers' tails are cut off (docked) just after the dog is born.

Rottweilers are large muscular dogs. Their coat of fur is mostly black, with brown on the legs and face. They are excellent guard dogs, as well as herding, and companion dogs.

Behaviour[change | edit source]

Dogs are pack animals. When they feel threatened, they will defend themselves. They will also protect other members of the pack to a certain extent. How they defend themselves, and how close they feel to the rest of the pack (their owners) depends on the dog's temperament, and how they were raised. Since dogs judge dangerous situations differently, they should not be left unattended near a place where people are arguing. They may also judge unattended moves of a child as an attack. Therefore dogs should not be left alone near children.

Considerations[change | edit source]

When the Rottweilers' owners are not experienced, problems arise. Sometimes humans, mostly children, are attacked by these dogs. The attacks are often a result of irresponsible owners. Rottweilers are very intelligent and need equally smart handlers to raise them.

In some areas, breeding certain dogs has been restricted or forbidden.[1]

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