Royal Birmingham Society of Artists

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The building of the Royal Birmingham Society of Art

The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (also called RBSA) is a group of artists who have a lot of experience and education. It is located in an area of Birmingham, England called the Jewellery Quarter. The RSBA has an art gallery there. It is a charity.[1][2]

History[change | change source]

It was opened in 1821 and called the Birmingham Society of Artists. They had an art gallery and office space located on New Street in 1829. They changed their name to the RBSA in 1868. It was very well known during the Victorian era. It had many famous artists of the time period such as William Morris. RBSA wanted to have an art school, but another art school, the Birmingham School of Art, opened in the area before RBSA could start one. In the late 20th century their original building was going to be destroyed. RBSA moved to an old warehouse. Charles, Prince of Wales opened the new gallery on 12 April 2000.[3] The people who lead the organization are named "President." They have all been artists.

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