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Ar - Rumaytheeyah

Rumaithiya is located in Kuwait
Coordinates: 29°19′N 48°4′E / 29.317°N 48.067°E / 29.317; 48.067Coordinates: 29°19′N 48°4′E / 29.317°N 48.067°E / 29.317; 48.067
ProvinceHawalli Governorate
 • TypeMunicipality
 • Total58,135
Time zoneGMT+3

Rumaithiya is an area in Hawalli governorate in Kuwait. About 58,000 people live there.[1]

Origin of the name[change | change source]

It is believed that the name of the area comes from a plant called Haloxylon. In the Arabic language, the plant is called Rumth. The area used to have this plants in it. Rumaithiya literally means something related to Rumth.

Places[change | change source]

Uqba Bin Nafe' Mosque
  • There are 14 masjids in Rumaithiya
  • There are more than 70 Husayniyas in Rumaithiya
  • There are 12 branches for Rumaithiya Co-Op society
  • There is an area for sports
  • There are 2 public parks
  • There are 13 schools in Rumaithiya without private schools and children's schools (kindergartens)

Sources[change | change source]

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