Saar Offensive

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Saar Offensive
Part of the Western Front of World War II
Soldat Francès al Saar.jpg
French soldier at the German village of Lauterbach in Saarland
Date7–16 September 1939
49°10′N 7°15′E / 49.167°N 7.250°E / 49.167; 7.250Coordinates: 49°10′N 7°15′E / 49.167°N 7.250°E / 49.167; 7.250
Result French withdrawal
France France Nazi Germany Germany
Commanders and leaders
France Maurice Gamelin
France André-Gaston Prételat
Nazi Germany Erwin von Witzleben
40 Divisions
2400 tanks
4700 artillery
22 Divisions
less than 100 artillery
Casualties and losses
2,000 dead, wounded and sick[1] 196 dead
114 missing
356 wounded[2]
11 aircraft[3]

The Saar Offensive was a French ground offensive (attack) into Saarland during World War II. It was done from 7 to 16 September 1939. This area of Saarland was defended by the German 1st Army. The purpose of the attack was to help Poland, which was under attack at the time. The offensive was to have been done by 40 divisions, including one armored division, three mechanised divisions, 78 artillery regiments and 40 tank battalions. The offensive was stopped and the French forces eventually retreated when the Germans attacked them on 17 October.

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