Coordinates: 58°25′N 22°30′E / 58.417°N 22.500°E / 58.417; 22.500
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Location of Saaremaa in Estonia
Saaremaa is located in Europe
Location in the Baltic Sea region
LocationBaltic Sea
Coordinates58°25′N 22°30′E / 58.417°N 22.500°E / 58.417; 22.500
ArchipelagoWest Estonian archipelago
Area2,673 km2 (1,032 sq mi)
CountySaare County
Population31,357 (31 January 2017)
Pop. density11.7/km2 (30.3/sq mi)

Saaremaa is the largest island in Estonia. It is 2,673 km2 (1,032 sq mi).[1] The island is in the Baltic Sea, south of Hiiumaa island and west of Muhu island. It belongs to the West Estonian Archipelago.

The highest point on Saaremaa is 54 m above sea level. One feature found on the island is the Kaali crater. The island has lots of forested land. One of the symbols of the island is the juniper.

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