Samara Metro

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Samara Metro is a system of urban off-street rail public transport in the city of Samara. This is the fifth largest subway commissioning in the RSFSR and the tenth in the USSR and the post-Soviet space. Until 1992 it was called the Kuibyshev Metro, and since October 2013 - after A. A. Rosovsky. Includes 10 stations, of which 9 are underground and one above-ground. The network length is 11.6 km.

History[change | change source]

In September 1980, construction began on the section between the Prospekt Lenina and Oktyabrskaya stations. However, the tunnel was mothballed, and the construction of the metro was moved to Yungorodok. At the end of 1980, construction began on the Kirovskaya station in Yungorodka, and in September 1981, tunneling began between the Kirovskaya and Bezymyanka stations.

The first line of the Kuibyshev metro was planned to open in 1987. Regular passenger traffic at the launch site was opened on December 26, 1987. The Metropolitan became the 5th in the RSFSR and the 12th in the USSR.

On August 11, 2010, restrictions on photography and video shooting in the metro area were lifted.

On October 11, 2013, the Samara metro was named after Alexey Rosovsky