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Sardinians Sardos / Sardus, Sardi
Total population
1.5 million (est.)
Sardinian, Italian, Corsican, Catalan
Related ethnic groups
Neolithic European farmers
Corsicans, Spaniards and Italians

Sardinians (Sardinian: Sardos or Sardus; Italian: Sardi) are the people native to the island of Sardinia, an autonomous region of Italy.

Sardinians are noted for the distinct Nuragic civilization in ancient times. They are also known for the indigenous language many still speak, Sardinian. Sardinian is quite separate from Italian and said to be one of the languages, if not the language, keeping most archaic features of ancient Latin. Sardinians have long been active to fight for the official recognition of autonomy in Italy and the protection of their cultural and environmental heritage.

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