Sari (clothing)

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Women wearing colorful saris in Hinglaj Shakti Peeth, Pakistan.

A Sari (also known as a Saree or a Shari) is a type of clothing for women worn throughout South Asia. It is used as a daily clothing by many ethnic groups of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal.[1] The history of Sari-like drapery can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilization, which existed during 2800–1800 BCE mainly in modern-day Pakistan.[2] It is a very long strip of cloth which is wraped around the body.[3][4]

There are different kinds of saris for different occasions. The first mention of saris (alternately spelled sarees) is in the Rig Veda, a Hindu book of hymns dating to 3,000 B.C.; draped garments show up on sculptures from the first through sixth centuries, too.[5][6][7]

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