Saves the Day

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Saves the Day

Manuel Carrero, David Soloway, Chris Conley, Durijah Lang (L-R)
Background information
Also known as Sefler
Origin Princeton, New Jersey, USA
Genres Emo, indie rock, pop punk
Pop music (In reverie)
Melodic hardcore (early works)
Years active 1997 - Present
Labels Equal Vision, DreamWorks, Vagrant
Website Official Site
Chris Conley
David Soloway
Manuel Carrero
Durijah Lang
Past members
Chris Zampella
Eben D'Amico
Ted Alexander
Bryan Newman
Anthony Anastasio
Sean McGrath
Justin Gaylord
Pete Parada

Saves the Day are a band who have played many genres of music during their career. They formed together in 1997, and have often changed their lineup, with singer Chris Conley being the only original member.

At first, Saves the Day was influenced heavily by melodic hardcore band Lifetime.

Singer Chris often suffers from a certain disease, and he made people aware of this with one of his songs.

The album Sound the Alarm is back to the bands original sound that wasn't so present with the two records before it. Under the Boards released in fall 2007 mixed together many previous records sounds.

Daybreak, the concluding album in the trilogy was released in 2011.

They started recording it after a string of shows in late October 2008.

Albums[change | change source]

Studio albums[change | change source]