Melodic hardcore

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Melodic hardcore
Stylistic origins Hardcore punk
Skate punk
Pop punk
Cultural origins Early 1980s United States
Typical instruments Vocals - Electric guitar - Bass - Drums
Mainstream popularity Some popularity in the 1990s, continued in the 2000s
Derivative forms Youth crew

Melodic hardcore is a subgenre of hardcore punk. Exploring melodies are an important part of melodic hardcore. Gunther "Puddinfoot" Crines described the style as "just so nice".[1] It came out of L.A. hardcore with the Descendants.[2] In 1985, the Descendents worked with two new singers, Dave Smalley of DYS and Dag Nasty.[3] Bad Religion also worked in this style.[1] Another well known melodic hardcore band is Pennywise.

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