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Seal or SEAL may refer to articles connected to a variety of meanings:

A marine mammal[change | change source]

Fixing or closing to give a tight fit[change | change source]

Symbol of authentication[change | change source]

  • Seal (device), a device used to produce an official stamp as a symbol of authority, or the impression left by a seal in sealing wax. (Origin: Latin sigillum = "small symbol", a diminutive of signum)
  • Cylinder seal, cylinder engraved with a picture story, used in ancient times to roll an impression onto a sheet of wet clay
  • Great Seal of the United States used since 1782 to authenticate some documents issued by the United States government
  • Great Seal of the Realm, a British institution for authorising the monarch's official documents a personal signature
  • Great Seal of Scotland allows the monarch to authorise documents without signing
  • Imperial Seal of Japan, called 菊の御紋 in Japanese, meaning "Noble Symbol of Chrysanthemum"
  • Lord Privy Seal or Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal is one of the traditional sinecure offices of state in the United Kingdom
  • Knights Templar Seal used to validate documents approved by the order
  • Seal of Solomon, a legendary magical signet ring said to have belonged to King Solomon
  • LMLK seal, stamped on handles of large storage jars around Jerusalem about 700 BC
  • Nintendo Seal of Quality is a gold seal used by Nintendo to show that a game is properly licensed to run on their game consoles

As a person's name[change | change source]

As a place name[change | change source]

Some of these names referred originally to the marine mammal.

As an acronym[change | change source]

Ships[change | change source]

  • HMS Seal (N37), a submarine of the Royal Navy
  • USS Seal has been used as the name of two submarines of the United States Navy
  • Red seal ships (朱印船), Japanese armed merchant sailing ships with a red-sealed patent (early 17th century)

In computers[change | change source]

  • SEAL GUI, an open source Graphical User Interface for DOS