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Senate (Belgium)

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Dutch: de Senaat
French: le Sénat
German: der Senat
Stephanie D'Hose, Open VLD
since 13 October 2020
Seats60 (10 of which are co-opted senators)
Political groups
Government (37)
  •   PS (7)
  •   MR (7)
  •   CD&V (5)
  •   Ecolo (5)
  •   VLD (5)
  •   Groen (4)
  •   Vooruit (4)

Opposition (23)

Length of term
5 years
Indirect election
Last election
26 May 2019
Next election
May 2024
Meeting place
senate of belgium
senate of belgium

The Senate of Belgium is the upper house of the bicameral Federal Parliament of Belgium, above the House of Representatives.[1] It was established in 1831 as being equal to the House, several reforms, most notably in 1993 and 2014. While the Senate today plays only a minor role in the legislative process, it still has, along with the House, full responsibility for the upholding of the Constitution and the organisation and functioning of the Country and Federal States. Following the 2014 reform, it now holds about ten sessions per year.

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