Belgian Federal Parliament

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Belgian Federal Parliament
Dutch: Federaal Parlement van België
French: Parlement fédéral belge
Type Bicameral
Houses Senate
Chamber of Representatives
President of the Senate Sabine de Bethune, CD&V
since October 11, 2011
President of the Chamber André Flahaut, PS
since July 20, 2010
Members 221
71 senators
150 representatives
Last election June 10, 2007
Last election June 10, 2007
Meeting place
Brussel Parlementsgebouw.jpg
Palace of the Nation, Brussels

The Belgian Federal Parliament is a bicameral parliament. It has the Chamber of Representatives and the Senate. It sits in the Palace of the Nation.

Chamber of Representatives[change | change source]

The number of seats in the Chamber is 150. They are elected from 11 districts. The districts are divided along linguistic lines: 5 Flemish (79 seats), 5 Walloon (49 seats), and the bilingual district of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde (22 seats).

To be elected a person must be at least 21 years old, have Belgium citizenship, and live in Belgium.

Senate[change | change source]

The Senate has 71 members. There are four categories of senators: directly elected senators, community senators, co-opted senators and senators by right. Co-opted senators are 10 representatives elected by the first two groups of senators. Senators by right are the children of the current monarch.

Eligibility requirements for the Senate are the same as for the Chamber.

Coordinates: 50°50′48″N 4°21′53″E / 50.84667°N 4.36472°E / 50.84667; 4.36472