Shija Laioibi

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Shija Laioibi
Shija Lailotpi
Medieval Manipur kingdom
HouseNingthouja dynasty
FatherBhagyachandra Jai Singh
ReligionManipuri Vaishnavism
OccupationPrincess of Manipur Kingdom

Shija Laioibi or Sija Laioibi (literally, "a princess who became a goddess"[1] or "a princess who looks after a God"[2][3]), also known as Shija Lailotpi[4] or Bimbabati,[5] is the daughter of King Rajarshi Bhagyachandra and the princess of Medieval Manipur.[6] She is said to be the dancer of the Manipuri Rasa Leela dance in the premise of the Shri Govindaji Temple, notably by wearing the potloi, for the first time in the history of Manipur.[4][7] She remained to be a spinster for her whole life, dedicating herself as the spiritual consort (or "female devotee") of Hindu God Krishna,[8] for which she earned the title "Mirabai of the Hindu Manipuris".[9] She is a popular figure in the Manipuri Vaishnavism. Later, she ended her life in Nabadwip, the birthplace of Lord Chaitanya.[10]

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