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Silverstein in 2014
Silverstein in 2014
Background information
OriginBurlington, Ontario, Canada
GenresPost-hardcore, emo, Hardcore punk, metalcore
Years active2000 (2000)–present
LabelsHopeless, Universal, Victory
MembersPaul Koehler
Paul Marc Rousseau
Josh Bradford
Billy Hamilton
Shane Told
Past member(s)Richard McWalter
Neil Boshart

Silverstein is a Canadian post-hardcore band formed in Ontario, Canada, in 2000. Their name come from a children-book writer, Shel Silverstein.

First three years[change | change source]

After the several changes in the band's line up, Billy Hamilton joined the band. He found out about they needed a bass player while online. In the autumn of 2002, the band signed to their record label - Victory Records. They left Victory Records in 2010 and joined Hopeless Records.

Albums[change | change source]

In January 2003, their first (debut) album was released. The title was When Broken Is Easily Fixed.

In 2005, Silverstein performed on the "Never Sleep Again" tour along with fellow emo band Hawthorne Heights. The next year, 2006, they toured on the "Vans Warped" tour. This is an event in the United States taking place in the summertime. The band's second album, Discovering the Waterfront, has the singles "Discovering the Waterfront" and "Smile in Your Sleep".

Summertime last year, 2007, Silverstein released their third album, Arrivals and Departures. It includes a single named "Still Dreaming". On MySpace, a social networking site, they posted a new song called "Broken Stars". Singer Shane Told has been trained by a vocal coach named Melissa Cross.

In Spring 2009, Silverstein released their fourth full length album, Shipwreck in the Sand.

In Spring 2011, Silverstein released their fifth album, Rescue.

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