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SimCity 4

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SimCity 4
Publisher(s)EA Games (Windows)
Aspyr Media (Mac OS X)
Producer(s)Kevin Hogan
Sean Decker
Designer(s)Joseph Knight
Michael McCormick
Programmer(s)Paul Pedriana
Artist(s)Ocean Quigley
David Patch
Writer(s)Dorothy Bradshaw
Tom Bentley
Composer(s)Jerry Martin
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X

SimCity 4 is the fourth sequel to the SimCity computer game. It was created by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts.

New Features[change | change source]

The main new feature in this game is the addition of 'God Mode'. This is one of the three elements of gameplay. Players can add mountains, lakes, rivers and canyons to their landscape.

Another feature is "MySims" mode, a mode that lets players import their Sims from the game The Sims and add them into their city. This lets players see what they are thinking.

Cities are grouped into regions, which allow different cities in the same region to be connected. They can be connected by road or train, and cities could share water. Some regions come with the game, but you can create your own.

RCI[change | change source]

RCI stands for residential (housing), commercial, and industry demand. The higher the demand, the faster the city grows. No demand or negative demand causes buildings to be empty and run down.

City Growth[change | change source]

Big buildings show up when you have high density zones. The amount of people living in the city changes the amount of skyscrapers built in the city. Skyscrapers can be built when residential population reaches 30,000, and when commercial population reaches 45,000.

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