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A sink is a place for washing. In homes, sinks are in kitchens and bathrooms. A sink has a bowl or basin, one or two taps, and a drain. Water comes out of the taps; the bowl holds the water. The drain lets the water flow out. [1] Some sinks may have sprays to clean things faster. Some sinks have a soap dispenser. Water filters can be put on a sink.[2]


the optimal width starts from 50 cm and can be increased if the room allows you to choose a more comfortable bowl;

the distance to the drain should be at least 15 cm, the higher the mixer tap is, the lower the drain hole, surrounded by high walls, should be;

depth of more than 50 cm is not recommended, since it will be difficult for children to reach the tap (if the sink is located on the countertop, not adjacent to the wall, then the depth standard must be measured from the edge of the horizontal surface to the point where the mixer is installed).[3]

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