Siriporn Ampaipong

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Siriporn Ampaipong (Alternative spelling: Siriporn Umpaipong; Thai: ศิริพร อำไพพงษ์; RTGS: Siriphon Amphaiphong, birth name Sirima Amken; Thai: ศิริมา อำเคน; RTGS: Sirima Amkhen ; born Monday December 7, 1964) is a mor lam and luk thung singer from the Isan region of Thailand.

Siriporn Ampaipong was born into a family of mor lam singers in Udon Thani Province. Most of her songs are sentimental ballads. She has released eight hit albums between 2001 and 2004, and is regarded as one of Thailand's most popular folk singers.[1][2]

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