Smail Hamdani

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Smail Hamdani
اسماعيل حمداني
Prime Minister of Algeria
PresidentLiamine Zeroual
Abdelaziz Bouteflika
Preceded byAhmed Ouyahia
Succeeded byAhmed Benbitour
In office
15 December 1998 – 23 December 1999
Personal details
Born(1930-03-11)11 March 1930
Guenzet, Algeria
Died6/7 February 2017 (aged 86)
Djasr Kasentina, Algeria

Smail Hamdani (11 March 1930 – 6/7 February 2017) was an Algerian politician. He was Prime Minister of Algeria from 15 December 1998 to 23 December 1999.[1]

Hamdani became a member of the National Liberation Front (FLN). In 1962 when Algeria gained independence, he was named as chief of staff of the provisional government led by Abderrahmane Farès. Under the presidency of Ahmed Ben Bella, Hamdani was appointed ambassador to Belgium.

Hamdani died in his sleep either on the night of 6 February or on morning of 7 February 2017 from a heart attack, aged 86.[2][3]

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