Soichi Noguchi

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Soichi Noguchi
Soichi noguchi v2.jpg
Born (1965-04-15) April 15, 1965 (age 56)
Yokohama, Japan
Space career
NASDA/JAXA Astronaut
Time in space
177d 3h 5min
Selection1996 NASDA Group
Total EVAs
Total EVA time
20h 05min[1]
MissionsSTS-114, Soyuz TMA-17 (Expedition 22/23), SpaceX Crew-1 (Expedition 64/65)
Mission insignia
STS-114 patch.svg Soyuz-TMA-17-Mission-Patch.png ISS Expedition 22 Patch.svg ISS Expedition 23 Patch.svg SpaceX Crew-1 logo.svg ISS Expedition 64 Patch.png ISS Expedition 65 Patch.png

Soichi Noguchi (野口 聡一, Noguchi Sōichi, born 15 April 1965) is a Japanese aeronautical engineer and JAXA astronaut.

His first spaceflight was as a Mission Specialist aboard STS-114 on 26 July 2005 for NASA's first "return to flight" Space Shuttle mission after the Columbia disaster.

He was most recently in space as part of the Soyuz TMA-17 crew and Expedition 22 to the International Space Station (ISS), returning to Earth on 2 June 2010.

He is the fifth Japanese astronaut to fly in space and the fourth to fly on the space shuttle.[1]

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