Spacetoon Plus

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SpaceToon PLUS
Launched 01 February 2014
Slogan Saluran Masa Depan
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
Sister channel(s) Spacetoon
Spacetoon (Indonesia)
Website Spacetoon Plus
Transvision Channel 296
K-vision Channel ???

Spacetoon Plus is an Indonesian television channel. It specializes in anime and children programs. Spacetoon Group has 3 channels in Indonesia: Spacetoon, Spacetoon 2 and the now-defunct Spacetoon (Indonesia) today.

History[change | change source]

The channel began broadcasting in April 2005. It has two primary headquarters. One opened in 2009 in Jakarta.

Anime programming[change | change source]

Cartoon programming[change | change source]

Non-anime and non-cartoon programming[change | change source]

Upcoming programming[change | change source]

Movies[change | change source]